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  1. The Big Data Bang – Why Data Science and Big Data Need to Become Best Buddies
    Focusing on agile, Big Data is important, but so is small data. Some advice to govern your Big Data environment.
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  2. Does Big Data Need Citizen Data Scientists?
    As Big Data rounds the corner of relevance, CIOs are seeing the value of “citizen developers”, since recruiting large numbers of Data Scientists is proving difficult. Self-service becomes an interesting response, but how can CIOs deliver this?
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  3. Data Infrastructure at Airbnb
    Is the Airbnb business all about renting rooms? Upon closer inspection, the Airbnb business looks rather connected to data: tracking metrics, validating business assumptions, building machine learning models and “torturing” information in search of new business opportunities. What would you call a company in which one-third of employees are able to do specific research on its users’ navigation and transaction data?
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indyco now integrates with Tableau


Have you ever thought about documenting all your Tableau reports automatically? indyco dynamically documents all your business intelligence reports for you.
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