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  1. How the ‘Internet of Things’ will affect the world
    For more than two years, BI Intelligence has closely tracked the growth of the IoT. In a new report, BI Intelligence discusses all of the components of the IoT ecosystem (devices, analytics, networks, and security) also providing estimates and forecasts including device growth, amount invested, and potential return on investment.
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  2. Google Seeks to Influence AI Research by Giving Software Away
    Google wants to set the standard on artificial intelligence. and its first step has been to make its internal AI development software available for free. Named TensorFlow, this open-source software will also help Google identify potential talent.
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  3. Vespa Uses Big Data To Design Scooter For The 21st Century
    Data analysis is likely to play an even a larger role at Piaggio in the future. In fact, company leaders see the Internet of Things (IoT) as the next great influence on product design – particularly when it comes to rider safety. Of course, its style won’t be forgotten!
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Featured post from our blog

DFM and DW Testing: A Winning Combination

Software engineers know very well that the earlier an error is detected in the software life-cycle, the cheapest correcting that error is. Multidimensional schemata are typically the first design artifact that is created and can be tested, so they have a primary role in ensuring early discovery of errors.
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