The new deal in DW teaching and research.

indyco is a powerful CASE tool for data warehouse design. It allows you to:

  • Create and maintain a conceptual schema of your data marts using the Dimensional Fact Model (DFM on Wikipedia), a graphical state-of-the-art notation built in over 20 years of experience in both the academic and industrial worlds.
  • Design and deploy relational logical schemata for your data mart following the best practices in the literature and Kimball’s design patterns.
  • Carry out reverse engineering of previously available cubes. (*)
  • Create a comprehensive documentation of your data mart. (*)

Having the authors (please find the bios below) of the DFM as scientific consultants ensures that all the features of indyco are based on a solid scientific background.

* Features only available with commercial license.

Watch the 2-mins video or browse our site to know more.

Use Indyco for


Adopting the DFM for your BI course gives you formal foundations for a sound approach to multidimensional modeling, and enables your class to get acquainted with the best practices of design.

Teaching resources


Adding indyco to the setting of your BI lab enables your students to practice conceptual design using an intuitive, yet rigorous, notation.

Lab resources

  • Free educational license of indyco available upon feedback received after software activation.


A huge number of researchers use the DFM for their papers related to BI and data warehouses. indyco allows you to create and manage the multidimensional schemata you need for your examples and experimental tests.



The team


Indyco is a internal startup promoted by Iconsulting, a company with over a decade of experience in data integration and business intelligence that has long focused on research, innovation and methodology.


Matteo Golfarelli is an associate professor of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Bologna, Italy, where he teaches courses in information systems, databases, and data mining. Other links: LinkedIn, Twitter.
Stefano Rizzi is a full professor of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Bologna, Italy, where he teaches courses in data warehouse design and software engineering.