Reverse engineering is the process of reconstructing a Conceptual Model (base on the  DFM formalism) from an existing database schema. With the indyco builder reverse engineering wizard, you can create your model from an existing Data Warehouse.

Our wizard will guide through three steps:

  1. Select the provider, insert your connection string along with the owner of the database and enable inferences on primary and foreign key constraints.
  2. Select the fact tables which will become the fact schemas at the end of the process.
  3. Preview and compare the Logical Model schema with the corresponding fact schema, add/remove/change logical constraints and save your new Conceptual Model.

Here we are! You can now benefit of the power of indyco to obtain several results: you can have your documentation automatically generated by indyco (see how on our Support site), you can understand the Data Model inside your Data Warehouse, you can show the existing Data Model using indyco Explorer to your business users, you can start evolving your Data Warehouse using the DFM.

Do you want to try? Download your free trial.

Want to see how it works? Watch the video below!