A Start-Up Inside a Company

When it’s time to innovate, companies usually have a hard time leaving their comfort zone. That’s why we decided to embrace the Internal Startup approach. We are a Team inside a company but we have our own dedicated place, name, people and budget.
We decided to apply the Lean Startup approach to get feedback from the market from the very beginning. We believe in Agile Methodologies and continuous delivery. We mainly communicate through digital channels.

University-Grade Knowledge

We believe there is a lack of culture in Data Platform design, that’s why we’ve been looking for some of the best Data Platform design standards at Research level and we’ve coded indyco around them.
Using the Dimensional Fact Model as a formalism and the intuitive UX of indyco Builder we can grant solid roots to your Data Platform design. To be sure we do it right, we have top University Researchers working in our team.

10+ Years of Experience

Since research might not be that effective without real-life practice, we put into indyco the best practices of over 10 years of experience of performing Data Platform/Business Intelligence Projects for our funding company.
This allowed us to mix theory with practice and theoretical evidence with tweaks from the experience in the field. The result is a strongly rooted, but agile and flexible, couple of tools to satisfy your needs.

F1 Dev Team

To code it right, on board we have the best team on the market. We took people that won eight world championships in F1 and posed them this new challenge.
High speed of delivery, innovative methodological and technical approach, and focus on quality. This is what is leading our dev team and is the heritage we have from F1.